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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Elliot's News

As most of you know Elliot was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis on January 4th.  It was quite a blow for our family and it took a bit for the shock to wear off.  It is hard to be told that their is something wrong with your perfect baby.  Elliot was tiny at birth at only 5lbs.  But we all thought that he would grow.  Well he didn't and so we started to worry.  We eventually ended up at the Failure to Thrive Clinic up at Primary Children's Hospital to see if they could figure it out.  So They naturally wanted to run some tests to rule out the worst.  One of the tests was one for Cystic Fibrosis.  The doctor said he was sure that he did have it but it would be good to rule it out.  After we left the hospital Mike and I went to lunch and look up on the internet about CF.  We both quickly decided that we didn't want that disease and we were sure Elliot didn't have it.  How silly of us to just assume we knew more than the docs.  The next day Elliot and I went and did the tests and didn't think anything of it.  I went back to my moms house and spent the rest of the day with my sister who was leaving to go back home with her family to Kansas.  That night we got home late, around 8:30 and Mike and I were in different cars.  Lizzie and Elliot were with me and Charlie was with Mike.  I got home first and checked our messages.  I think we only had one, I can't remember the night to clearly.  I just remember listening to the Message from Dr. Jackson.  (Ahh, just thinking about this night still makes me cry, I can barely read the screen right now.)  He said that he has the test results from today and that he needs to speak to us immediately and that he will keep on calling us until he could reach us and that we should call him on his cell phone until we reach him.  My stomach just dropped and I called him.  I don't remember really what he said except that the test was positive for CF and that we need to treat him right away.. He told me that the doctor that is over the CF clinic up at Primary wanted him to be admitted that night.  I remember just falling to the floor.  That is about the time that Mike walked in with Charlie.  He quickly pick up the other phone and started to listen.  I am so lucky to have him, he has been the rock through the whole thing.  He seems to remember most of the conversation with the doc.    We decided to not admit him that night and wait until Monday, and try to do it as an out patient deal.  It was a long weekend.  That night we decided to bless Elliot that Sunday.  I called a few people that night to let them know the news mainly family, and some close friends. (Thank you Brooke for crying with me).  I didn't get much sleep that night as you can imagine just thinking of what was in store for me and my family especially Elliot.  The next morning I started to take down Christmas, so that we would be ready for the blessing.  Pretty solemn morning.  That afternoon I went with Lizzie, Mom, and Brooke out to find a blessing outfit for him.  That ended up to be a bit tricky, most babies a lot bigger than 5.5lbs when they are blessed.  When we would ask if they had any smaller sizes they looked at kinda funny and asked why I don't just wait until he is a couple of months, he would fit in them by the time he is 2 or 3 month old.  All I wanted to do is just shake them and yell at them, my baby is sick and small all I want is to bless him can't you just help me with that...  Silly I know.  But we ended up finding one that fit him perfectly and as you can see he looked very cute in it.  That night we went to La Frontera for dinner with my Dad, Mom, and Grandma Beth.  It was nice to be with family, it didn't hurt as much when I was with them.  That night I got more sleep.  We woke up and went to church.  It was fast Sunday.  We got home from church and I was totally exhausted so I took a nap.  Mike ended up cleaning the house and getting it ready for that night.  (thank you love).  Everyone came over at 7pm, and so did Bishop Brad Romney.  He conducted the meeting, and was so sweet.  He was the one that started the fountain of  tears.  After he got teary eyed everyone seemed to join in.   What a special sweet man.  Thank you Bishop Romney for your sweet words and spirit.  Mike then gave him his name and then blessed him.  It was just beautiful.  My children are lucky to have such a wonderful father.   After the blessing Mike gave one to me, and then he received one from his father.  Then we told anyone that if they wanted to say anything or ask us anything that the floor was open.  All I can say is that I know that me and my family are so loved.  I felt it that night and I still do today.  Our families are so great, they are supportive and understanding with unconditional love.  Thank you.  Even our family that is away.  I can feel it from Kansas too.  We are so so blessed.   
Well it is getting late and I need some sleep, I will try to post more tomorrow. 
Good night!